September 25, 2023 8:04 AM Updates

UPDATE - Monday, September 25, 2023

Welcome to the busiest part of the year for GreatDanePhotos! 

Instant downloads are available as soon as your order is confirmed. If you miss the "download" button on the confirmation page, you can always go into your order history to download the photos from there. Once you log in, go to Account-->Profile and look for the order you placed on that page. 

For other products, I will post expected shipping or delivery dates, but it's almost guaranteed that those deadlines will slip a bit. While I have a crew to help me photograph the events, it's just lil 'ol me doing all the rest of the work after the event. I truly and sincerely appreciate your patience as I work through the orders and get them out as fast as I can, while attempting to maintain some bare minimum of physical and mental health. 

Approximate turnaround times for ONLINE orders (PRINTS or COLLAGES)

  • Instant downloads are available as soon as payment is received. Look for the "download" button on the order confirmation page. 
  • Orders placed through September 15 should ship by September 30. 
  • Orders placed between September 20 and October 1 will ship after October 31. Check your account history to see if the order is "in process" or "shipped". 
  • I'm not going to make an estimate about the shipping date for orders after October 2 yet. I'll update here as I get a better feel for how caught up (or not) I am. 

2023 Event Schedule

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