Amy grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in math and physics from St. Olaf College and a Masters in Education from the University of St. Thomas, she taught middle and high school mathematics for 5 years before finding a greater love of photography.
Ben, Amy, Micah and Cameron

Amy and her husband, Ben, relocated to northern Minnesota in 2000 in search of space and quiet and to start a family. Amy and Ben have two boys, Micah, born in 2001 and Cameron, who was born in 2003.
Cameron and Micah
They also have two dogs, Norm and Zorah.

Her start in professional photography came by taking pictures of her friends' dogs at shows, and quickly grew to outpace both her interest in showing her own dog and the capabilities of film. She was quick to make the move to digital, starting with Canon’s first digital SLR, the D30. Since a typical day of shooting can generate well over 2000 images, Ben wrote custom software to manage the images and to help people find and order their own pictures. Combining that with a strong creative flair, Amy offers a wide variety of unique products beyond simple prints that make her a desirable addition to the venues she visits.

The name of the business, GreatDanePhotos, is a reflection of Amy and Ben's love for this particular breed. We are on our fourth Great Dane and hope to always have at least one in the house.