When will can I expect to receive my order?

  • Please see the turnaround times listed on the homepage.
Why are your office hours so limited?

We travel to shows almost every weekend from April through October, with one or two shows a month in the “off season” which means we are not physically able to be in the office on Fridays through Sundays. Some shows are longer, which keeps us out of the office on some Thursdays and/or Mondays. National events often mean an absence of a week or more and those closures are usually announced well in advance on the homepage and the store.

As a result of working on weekends, Mondays and Thursdays are our “weekends” to spend time with our families and catch up on the other parts of our life, like laundry and paying the bills and various other mundane tasks. This leaves Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the primary days in the office to answer phone calls and send out emails. If we could magically add more hours to the day or more days to the week, we would love to expand those hours.

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