How do I order a collage?

  1. Register for an account at, if you haven’t already.
  2. Click through to your dog’s pictures until you are on a screen showing a single image on the left and the product listing on the right.
  3. Click the link for “Collages and Digital Images” on the right.
  4. Choose the size collage you want from the options listed.
  5. Enter the required information in the boxes that appear. You are allowed up to three lines for a caption. You also need to choose a collage style or indicate that you would like me to choose the style.
  6. Click “add to cart.” IMPORTANT NOTE: At this point you have essentially added a blank collage to your cart. You will now need to add the images to the collage.
  7. The page will refresh and a new box will appear at the top of the page that says “Add current image to:” Below this will be a link to the collage you just created.
  8. Click on the link to the collage you created and then click “add to collage.”
  9. Now navigate to the other image(s) you want in the collage and repeat steps 7 and 8. Pricing will automatically adjust for more than two images.

You can click on the shopping cart link at any time to see what has been added to your cart.

To create a different collage (i.e. for a different dog), start over at step 2.

How many pictures can I put in a collage?

The number of photos that look good in a collage depends on the final print size for the collage.
  • 8x10 print: 2-4 images
  • 11x14 print: 3-6 images
  • 12x18 or larger: 6-12 images

Where can I see sample collages that you’ve created?

The Sample Collages gallery shows a variety of collage styles that are available. If you want a style that you saw at a show, but is not shown on the website, just indicate that style in your order for “collage style.”