Did you place your order IN PERSON at an event?

Click this link for the turnaround times for your order.

Did you place your order ON OUR WEBSITE after the event?

Click this link for the turnaround times for your order.

I got part of my order, but some things are missing. What happened?

Orders containing multiple items will sometimes ship in several parts. Don’t worry, the rest of the order will ship according to the dates found on the homepage.

What if I need my order faster than the dates listed on the homepage?

If you need your order sooner than the current standard turnaround time, you can upgrade to
Rush Service. Rush Service entitles you to have your order bumped to the front of the line of orders currently in process. The service fee includes overnight shipping for any items that need to be shipped and electronic delivery of any digital items. Please call Nicole at 218-506-8757 to upgrade your order to Rush Service. Rush fees start at $50.

Why does Rush Service cost so much?

Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. There will be 20-250 orders in process at any given point in time. If you truly need it faster than the orders ahead of you in line, there is a cost for that privilege. I drop everything else I am working on to get your order done when you upgrade to rush service.