Can I buy digital photos instead of prints?

Yes, you can! GreatDanePhotos offers a variety of purchasing options for digital photos, from buying a single image to a package that includes all the photos of your dog from an event. Pricing for these options can be found in the shopping area of the website.

Why do I have to pay shipping for digital photos? Don’t you just email them to me?

I do not directly email photos. Most email servers will not accept photo files as large as the ones that I send out. 99% of the orders that I’ve tried to send out via email have either bounced or never arrived or needed to be resent. I have added a service that allows electronic delivery of digital files. This allows you to download the images from that server on your own time. However, this service does cost money so the current shipping fee is the same as a handling fee for electronic delivery, making the order total come out the same.

If I order digital photos, will I get my order faster?

All orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Digital orders require slightly less production time than other products. However, that does not result in a significantly different turnaround time for digital orders. They will ship at about the same time as everything else according to the shipping dates listed on the homepage.

What are your terms of use for digital images?

You will receive a photo release with each digital photo order. This is a Personal Use License. Essentially this licenses you to use the photo in any personal manner you wish. All copyrights are retained by GreatDanePhotos, as is the right to use the images in any promotion, marketing campaign or portfolio. For more information on how you may use the images, please read the acceptable use page.