If you have questions about when your order will ship, PLEASE refer to the homepage (www.greatdanephotos.com) or to your receipt. We update the homepage frequently and do our very best to stick to those shipping dates. If we know your order will ship late, you will be notified via email.

Tips for Quick Customer Service

When you send us an email, please include as much relevant information right in your first email as possible. We can only help you if we know exactly what the problem is.
At a minimum we need to know:

  • who you are (first and last name, please!)
  • your order number
  • when you placed your order
  • how you placed your order
    • was it in person at a show? If so, which show?
    • was it online through our website?
  • how would you like the problem solved?

Be as detailed with the description of the problem as possible.
  • Example: My name is Amelia Ross. and I placed my order in person at the AKC Invitational in December. I just received my CD and it is blank. I have tried it on two different computers, so I know my computer is not the problem. Could you please send me a new CD? My order number is 1234.

If you are having computer problems, please include any error messages you are receiving and be as detailed with the problem as possible.
  • Example: My name is Jake Miller. I clicked on the link in the email to download the photos I ordered and I got the following error: “404 File Not Found” I am using a Mac running OS 10.9.1 and my browser is Google Chrome. My order number is 1234 and I placed it online on January 15, 2014.

Persistent failure to reply

First of all: Don’t assume that we are not replying!

We reply to all email that we get from our customers, so if you don’t receive a reply it’s either because we didn’t get your message or because you didn’t get our reply.

In recent years, many of our replies get filtered out by
spam filters and other messages come back with “mailbox full” replies. This is both frustrating to you because you don’t get the help you need, and to us because we can’t help you!

One way to make sure your message bypasses our spam filters is to include 7QQ in the subject line of your email in addition to a normal subject description. This is a system-wide filter we have put in place to tell our email servers that any email that includes 7QQ in the subject line is from a real human and should not be treated as spam.

GMAIL USERS: Gmail prioritizes your incoming messages which may affect whether you are seeing messages we send to you. If you are expecting an email from us (i.e. instructions for completing an order, etc.), please check in the “all mail” section of your gmail account since it is possible the email did not make it to your inbox.

Customer Service
  • Emails and phone calls are generally answered within 1-2 business days.
  • If you call and Nicole does not answer, please leave a detailed message including when it would be a good time to reach you. She can occasionally return calls in the evening, if that is the only time you are available.
  • email: nicole@greatdanephotos.com Please include 7QQ in the subject, plus a normal subject description, to get through our spam filters.
  • phone: 218-506-8757

We travel to shows almost every weekend from April through December, with one or two shows a month in the “off season” which means we are not physically able to be in the office on Fridays through Sundays. Some shows are longer, which keeps us out of the office on some Thursdays and/or Mondays. National events often mean an absence of a week or more.

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